Apr 27

How To Remove Various Alcohol Stains From Your Carpet

Christmas is the best time of the year. It’s a time for family, friends and plenty of parties. When the festive occasions come to an end, the host of the parties is usually left with unsightly stains on the carpets. From red wines to spirited concoctions, alcohol can leave a big stain. How does one effectively clean the alcohol from expensive carpeting and salvage the rug?

The Sooner the Stain is Caught the Easier it is to Remove

Any domestic cleaning expert will instruct that the best way to get rid of carpet stains is to catch them right when they happen. While this is not always possible, as soon as that red wine hits that light coloured carpet, clean it up. Blot any stain and never rub. By rubbing the stain it sends it straight to the deep fibres of the carpet and will help set it in for good. The best way to rid a stain that proves to be troublesome is by using an oxygen based cleanser. If the carpet is light coloured this will do the trick, but it could remove the colour from darker carpets.

The Power of Vinegar

Vinegar is a great cleaner that is used for so many types of house cleaning. From making window cleaner to conditioning the hair, there are a million uses for this liquid. For those who have darker carpets, they will need to use a combination of vinegar and dish washing liquid. Together these powerful cleaners can remove red wine without problem. When the stain has sat for a day or two, the stain can be more stubborn to remove.

Hydrogen Peroxide

The foaming cleaner for cuts and bumps may be the next best thing for the carpets. By applying a bit of peroxide to the carpet and some baking soda, it will create

Apr 27

Tactiles – The Sustainable Way To Install Carpet Tiles

TacTiles are much more than a cute name. They are actually a big part of what makes carpet tiles so environmentally friendly. Today we check out what is behind TacTiles and why (for the sustainability minded) your choice of adhesive method for carpet tiles is just as critical as the choice of your carpet manufacturer.

What are TacTiles?
TacTiles are clear adhesive films that connect carpet tiles together to form a stable surface. Prior to the invention of TacTiles, the adhesive options for keeping carpet tiles in place were conventional liquid glues which cannot be easily removed.

Sustainable – TacTiles
TacTiles have several advantages for companies that are trying to minimise their environmental impact .. aside from the significant environmental advantages offered by the products themselves! These include:

Eliminating the emission of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds): By choosing Tactiles, you will eliminate the issue of VOC emissions from liquid glues and hence improve indoor air quality and comfort for installers and occupiers of the space.
90% lower environmental footprint: This is calculated including manufacturing processes and after-installation factors.
Reusability & Recyclability: Reusable items are the most environmentally sound of all. TacTiles can be reused up to 3 times, depending on the installation. Using TacTiles also means that the overlaying carpet tiles can be simply lifted, removed and replaced allowing the design to be updated, without having to replace the entire carpet. The removed carpet tiles can also be reused at a later stage or recycled along with the TacTiles.
TacTile installation

TacTiles allow much quicker and simpler installation and as with any other carpet installation the subfloor will need to be prepared as per AS24552007.

TacTiles – Perfect for Heritage flooring

TacTiles connect carpet tiles together to create a floating floor, hence they are suitable

Apr 27

Bunbury Carpet And Vinyl, Laminate, Linoleum Flooring Experts

How To check if the Flooring Cover Trademen is an expert

1.)Check to make sure that they have a contractors license.
2.)Get two or more references.
3.)Ask how long they have been in business.
4.)Get at least one other bid for the job to make sure they are not ripping you off.
5.)Get flat rate estimates so you know the total you will pay beforehand.

The best place to start asking about carpet layer is your family and friends. Other good sources of referrals include contractors, real estate agents and your local builders.
Who will lay the carpet for me and how much will it cost?
Ask for testimonials about the jobs he has had completed. Seek quotes from other carpet layers but always ask about jobs they have done before hand and whether they have any references or testimonials from customers, find out whether they have undertaken and apprenticeship, not all people working in the industry have completed training. It is always best to find out early so you are not disappointed later with a shoddy job.
To become a qualified carpet layer, you need to complete a Floor Covering apprenticeship.
The off-the-job training is available through TAFE colleges and private training organisations.

Some good questions to ask:

Were you happy with the quality provided by the floor covering contractor?
Everybody has their own ideas of quality, so you should take a look at their house and judge for yourself. Pay attention to cut-in areas around doors, windows and trim. Are the lines straight and was caulking applied. Interior or exterior doesnt matter; proper surface preparation always leads to better, more pleasing results.

Make sure you ask about other options for flooring covering

Most carpet stores also do

Apr 24

The Need for truck mount carpet cleaning equipment

Carpets are fantastic and many of us have them in our homes. Most homes have a minimum of one carpet although many have more. A carpeted floor is so popular because it makes the floor much warmer and the room more attractive.

There are however plenty of problems with carpets. Dirt is a carpets worst enemy and can get embedded deep in the carpet. That’s why you might need to hire equipment or call in the professionals.

Cleaning Carpets

There are loads of different ways that you can clean carpets and get rid of dirt and grime. Doing it yourself can be a bit hit and miss and is still very expensive.

It’s normally much better if you can hire a professional. One of the most popular ways of cleaning carpets is by using steam cleaners. Steam cleaners are small and not normally very useful.

Truck mount carpet cleaning equipment works like never before and makes it possible to improve the condition of your carpet. This is a safe procedure which doesn’t put the carpet at risk.

This truck mount carpet cleaning equipment is very heavy and powerful, to be transported it is mounted on the back of trucks. This means that truck mounted equipment is bigger and more powerful. All that’s needed is water to create high power steam. You should be able to use these cleaners to get rid of all the dirt and stains from your carpet. You shouldn’t need to plug these machines into electricity because they generate their own power from the vans.

Gas powered units provide powerful vacuum suction for water extraction and use a “heat exchanger” to heat the water, bringing it’s temperature up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Some truckmount owners also have additional equipment in order to get the water even hotter than that!

All in all, truck mount carpet

Apr 24

Carpet Styles Through The Ages

Carpets have existed since almost the dawn of man, giving our feet some solemn comfort in our downtime. Carpet styles through the ages have changed ever so drastically over time. The term comes from the Old Latin phrase, carpita which literally means to pluck. Over the years the terms carpet and rug have both become interchangeable with one another. However they are not the same. Carpeting is supposed to go from one end of a room to the other, stretching to all four corners nice and snug. A rug simply covers a portion of the floor in a room.

There are many types of carpets. Starting with the woven type; this is the most typical and common of all the carpet styles. Produced from a loom, woven from cloth, this type comes in two styles of its own. The first is plush and the second is Berber. Plush styles are cut from piles while Berber carpets are woven. There is even a style of woven carpet which combines the two into one. Even though these are the most common they are also the most expensive.

The second carpet style is called Needlefelt. A more technologically advanced design, Needlefelt types are produced from synthetic fibers which are attached through electrostatic charges forming a durable layer. These are usually used by major companies and other places of heavy foot traffic such as doctor offices, retail outlets and even hotels.

The third carpet style is called Knotted. A knotted pile rug is a series of weft threads which are alternated with a supplementary weft thread that rises up from the carpet surface and forms a weave. This form of carpet was very popular in the 1970s.

The fourth is called a tufted carpet. By using a hessian weave these

Apr 24

Backing Separation On Carpeting

Carpet is overall a very durable flooring choice. It is capable of standing up to years of harsh use and look beautiful the whole time. It is however affected by many things that can cause it damage. One type of damage your carpet can develop is backing separation. If you think you have this problem you should read this article and learn about what it is and how to deal with it.

Backing separation occurs when the primary backing of the carpet begins to loosen from the carpet. The backing of the carpet is held together with a latex glue. This glue can be broken down by a number of different things. One thing that can cause it to break down and lead to separation is flooding or water damage. This can cause the glues to weaken and the backing to separate if it is left wet long enough. Another thing that can cause the backing to separate is foot traffic. Over time if a carpet is exposed to a great deal of traffic the pressure and vibration can cause the glue on the backing to degrade and lead to separation. Yet another cause of separation is age. Over time the glue will naturally degrade and cause the carpet to separate. So how can you fix this? This can be fixed by simply gluing the backing back to the carpe with a quality latex glue. This is mainly effective on small areas of damage however. If your carpet’s backing is breaking down and separating in a large area it would probably be better and more cost effective to simply replace the carpeting.

Hopefully this article has been of assistance to you and your carpet. Backing separation is a big problem that can affect the looks and durability of

Apr 23

Soundproofing Apartment – Soundproof Walls, Ceiling, Flooring

For people living in a noisy neighborhood or those having disruptive neighbors who care little about how the noises they make are disturbing the other persons peace of mind, soundproofing the apartment seems to be the only feasible solution to ward off such problems.

For soundproofing walls of an apartment, the main objective should be to block sound transmission. Heavy vinyl barriers that measure almost 2 lbs. per square foot can easily accomplish the task by stopping sound transmission. After application of furring strips to the existing drywall, one can apply the vinyl barrier while keeping some air gap between the vinyl barrier and the drywall. This gap will take full advantage of the sound deadening properties of the loaded vinyl barrier, thus keeping the noises out of your apartment. After the vinyl barrier is applied to the furring strips, the seams should be sealed up using a silicon adhesive in order to block any opening through which sound may pass. Another cheap soundproofing option is to use vinyl barrier foam composites to block sound effectively.

Placing mass loaded vinyl barriers above the ceiling grid, vinyl barriers to exposed rafters, if any, or adding acoustical ceiling tiles are some of the good ways of soundproofing the ceiling.

Heavy carpets and padding on the floor can help a lot in floor soundproofing. Installing a layer of vinyl foam composite at the sub-floor level and sealing the creases with a silicone adhesive can also decrease the noises in your apartment to a large extent. However, one should not install these soundproofing materials without getting the written permission from the owner of the property.

Some other actions like filling any cracks or gaps with flexible, non-hardening caulk, mounting items that tend to shake and make noise like speakers, instruments etc, replacing

Apr 20

Milliken Legato Carpet Tiles – Which Fashion To Make Use Of

Milliken’s Legato carpet tile variety would be the normal bearer for all other residential carpet tiles around the industry. Lots of buyers discover carpet squares and tile interesting due to their simple installation and superior functionality around all other ground types. Milliken Legato has taken carpet tile to an entire new stage with lots of of their features. The Legato carpet panel line by Milliken provides flooring shoppers three unique types to pick from to match any search and decor in their household or light industrial setting. These three types are Fuse, Embrace, and Touch.

Legato Touch is definitely the hottest entry degree residential carpet tile within the marketplace. With rates normally beneath $2 a square foot, Legato Touch fits the bill with regards to funds minded tasks. Legato Touch by Milliken also fills the need to have for individuals who just like the appear of frieze carpet but need to use carpet tiles. A really good element of Legato Touch is always that the frieze style and design hides seams flawlessly. Legato Touch has Milliken’s popular TractionBack program that usually calls for no glue for installation. Touch can also be treated with Scotchguard for additional safety against stains. Touch features a make in padding within the backing so it is ready to go correct from the box! Legato Touch is obtainable in two unique, flecked earthtones and is usually a good match in any space within the home.

Legato Embrace is fairly well-liked. Embrace can be a textured plush carpet tile style, which has a somewhat smoother glimpse than Touch. It’s also a denser bodyweight products and holds up effectively to foot potential customers within the property. Embrace has 18 reliable colors to pick out from. Milliken’s Legato Embrace also has TractionBack and Scotchguard safety. The Embrace Legato carpet

Apr 20

Carpet Cleaning Advice On Removing Spills With A Shop Vac

When it comes to getting rid of spots and stains in your carpet the most crucial aspect is timing. The faster you treat the stain the better odds you have of getting it out completely. However another key element in getting rid of spots and stains is the type of accessories you use. A truly handy tool that can make spot and stain removal incredibly simpler is a wet/dry, or shop vac.

Obviously, as with any type of work, the better equipment you use the more effective and efficient your results. This same concept can be applied to carpet cleaning. If you have a spill on your carpet wouldn’t it behoove you to choose the best tools to ensure its proper removal? Of course it would.

Say hello to the shop vac. This useful item is a perfect bookend for carpet spot, spill, and stain elimination. This is how you should utilize it. When you have a spill or if you have a pet that has an accident or whatever the case might be, the very first thing you’ll want to accomplish is use the vac to extract as much of the fluid as you can. Working with the vac is much more productive compared to towels and takes considerably less time. Keep in mind, this is the initial step.

What this will do for you is basically make the stain removal less difficult. After extraction what you have left is basically the bare minimum to clean up. A majority of the liquid is gone leaving what is essentially moist color or just dampness. Now you can start the actual cleaning process.

Depending on the kind of spill there are a number of remedies available to you. If you have a pet stain then you might want to try a good spot cleaner or

Apr 18

Tips on Maintaining Your Carpet’s Life

You’re probably one of the many homeowners in Grand Rapids, Michigan who opted for a carpet as your home flooring. Carpets are good home investments because they provide comfortable, appealing, and quiet floorings. Moreover, carpet floorings are also proven to reduce joint and muscle tensions caused by walking.

Along with the benefits of carpet floorings is the effort it requires homeowners to maintain its texture and appearance. Carpets are big responsibilities for homeowners, most especially if there are children and pets. Untidy carpet floorings can contribute health risks in your homes. That is why many medical experts believe that it is best to keep your indoor air quality clean through regular HVAC and carpet cleaning.

There are many ways to maintain carpets. Of course, scheduled professional cleaning is a big plus. Professional carpet cleaning companies that offer deep cleaning and restoration can make your carpets look better and function well. In most cases, professional carpet cleaning can even restore the natural look of your carpets after being severely used.

Many carpet manufacturers also believe that frequent vacuuming can lessen the amount of dirt on the carpet Grand Rapids, MI. It can be a method in preventing the spread of dirt on the carpet. In vacuuming, it is best that carpet owners clean corners and carpet parts on hallways, stairs, and entry doors thoroughly. Carpet cleaners recommend that homeowners vacuum the carpet slowly to assure that the dirt will be absorbed by the machine.

It is also helpful to install floor mats on your entry doors to lessen the amount of soil on your carpet Grand Rapids whenever people wearing shoes pass by. That way, you can assure that the large amount of soils will be on your floor mat and not on your carpets. This tip

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